2021中考英语专项温习练习真题 动词时态(含答案)

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??1.(2020浙江温州)8.—Have scientists found life on Mars?

—Not yet, but I think they ________it some day.

A.find B.found C.have found D.will find

2.(2020贵州铜仁)34.一Maria, what do you think of Mount Fanjing?

- Very cool. I____ there once. I'd like to go there again.

A. has been B. have been C. have gone D. has gone

3.(2020贵州黔东南州)28.—Would you like to go hiking if it ________ fine this Saturday?

—I'd love to. But nobody knows if it________.

A.is; will rain B.is; rains C.will be; will rain D.will be; rains

4.(2020贵州黔东南州)33.—________did the rainstorm come, Mr. Liu?

—While we ________ a chemistry lesson yesterday afternoon.

A.When; have had B.When; were having C.While; are having D.While; have

5.(2020贵州黔西南州)26.While Mike computer games in his room, his dad came in.

A. is playing B. was playing

C. will play D. plays

6.(2020贵州黔西南州)31. —Peter, have you ever been to the English Corner?

—Oh, yes. I there to practice speaking once a week last term.

A. went B. go C.have gone D. will go

7.(2020重庆A)25. Listen! Our teacher ______in the music classroom.

A. sings B. sang C. will sing D. is singing

8.(2020重庆B)26. Don't drink coffee before going to bed, or you____easily.

A. don't fall asleep B. won't all asleep

C. didn't fall asleep D. haven't fallen asleep

9.(2020四川甘孜州)4.I ______ a math problem with Joe when Mike called me up.

A.have discussed B.discussed C.was discussing

10.(2020四川自贡)3.—Alice, have you finished learning the whole book?

—Not yet. So far, we __________ six units.

A.learned B.have learned C.learn

11.(2020黑龙江齐齐哈尔市)8.—What were you doing at this time yesterday?

—I _______ a movie named Lost in Russia directed by Xu Zheng.

A.was seeing B.saw C.am seeing

12.(2020黑龙江齐齐哈尔市)9.To avoid gathering (集合), neither the students nor their head teacher _______ going to the party this evening.

A.was B.are C.is

13.(2020四川广元)9.—I asked him a question, but he didn't reply.

—Maybe he ________about something else while you were asking.

A.thought B.thinks C.was thinking

14.(2020四川广元)14.Tom. together with his friends, often________ to the old people's home to cheer the old up.

A.go B.going C.goes

15.(2020黑龙江哈尔滨)13.—Hi, Jill. I ______ in my math since you shared your good experience with me.

—Great! Congratulations!

A.have made rapid progress B.made rapid progress C.will make rapid progress

16.(2020四川凉山)5.--Jack, I'm busy doing the washing. Can you give me a hand?

---Wait a moment. I ______the bed.

A.am making B.will make C.was making D.have made

17.(2020四川凉山)8.--It's 20 years since we came back to Liangshan.

--How time flies! We ________ in our hometown for such a long time.

A.work B.worked C.has worked D.have worked

18.(2020四川凉山)10.On January 29th, 2020, Zhong Nanshan and his team ________ over four hours online _________ five patients who were seriously ill, and made a treatment plan for those patients.

A.spent; checking B.spent; to check C.spend; checking D.spend; to check

19.(2020四川凉山)15.—Let's go camping if it_________ next Saturday.

—But nobody knows if it ________.

A.is fine; rains B.will be fine: rains

C.is fine: will rain D.will be fine: will rain

20.(2020黑龙江牡丹江)11.The government _______ a new rule to stop young people playing video games for long. Nowadays many students spend less time online.

A.will make B.is making C.has made

21.(2020黑龙江牡丹江)13.—The talent show Youth With You (芳华有你) is becoming hotter and hotter online.

—Exactly. Half of our class ______ interested in it recently.

A.is B.are C.was

22.(2020黑龙江龙东区域(农垦))16.It has been two months since my father ________ for Italy.

A.was left B.left C.leaves

23.(2020黑龙江龙东区域(农垦))17.—No one can tell when they ________.

—When they ________, I’ll let you know at once.

A.return; will arrive B.will return; reach C.will return; arrive

24.(2020北京)7.If you take this train, you ______ in Shanghai in five hours.

A.arrive B.will arrive C.arrived D.have arrived

25.(2020北京)8.I ________ on the computer when Frank called me last night.

A.work B.will work C.was working D.am working

26.(2020北京)9.We ________ each other since I came to Beijing, but we send emails very often.

A.don't see B.didn't see C.won't see D.haven't seen

27.(2020北京)10.—What’s that noise, Sam?

—My little brother _________ with his toy car now.

A.will play B.is playing C.plays D.played

28.(2020贵州安顺)14.Since 1990, Project Hope ________ millions of students from poor families realize their dreams.

A.will help B.has helped C.helps

29.(2020安徽)7.— The air here is much fresher than before.

—Exactly! We a lot of trees in the past few years.

A.planted B.were planting C.have planted D.will plant

30.(2020黑龙江绥化市)4.Be quiet. Your grandmother ______ in the room.

A.sleeps B.is sleeping C.sleep

31.(2020黑龙江绥化市)9.We can't leave here until our teacher _______.

A.will arrive B.arrives C.arrived

32.(2020黑龙江绥化市)16.My family ______ for dinner now. We’re busy.

A.is preparing B.are preparing C.prepares

33.(2020黑龙江绥化市)24.By the time the teacher came, we ______ cleaning the classroom.

A.finished B.have finished C.had finished

34.(2020湖北鄂州)8.—What do you usually do in your spare time?

—I often go to our community library. It ________ for two years in order to encourage us to read more.

A.opens B.has opened C.has been opened D.has been open

35.(2020湖北武汉)4.—Is Helen here?

—Not yet, but she_________ in half hour.

A.arrives B.will arrive C.arrived D.has arrived

36.(2020湖北武汉)5.In the past 70 years, China________historic changes and made great achievements.

A.experienced B.experiences

C.has experienced D.would experience

37.(2020湖北武汉)6.Sally________ where she had left the car and the police found it this morning.

A.forgot B.has forgotten C.forgets D.had forgotten

38.(2020湖南怀化)7.In 2022,China ______ the 24th Winter Olympics (冬奥会) in Beijing.

A.held B.hold C.will hold

39.(2020湖南湘西)9.The world is changing with every minute, and China________ with every minute,too.

A.is changing B.had changed C.changed

40.(2020湖南湘西)12.— Tina, is your father a teacher?

— Yes, he is. He _______ English for nearly 20 years.

A.is teaching B.teach C.has taught

41.(2020湖南湘西)14._______, you will get good grades.

A.If you will work hard B.If you work hard C.If you worked hard

42.(2020湖南益阳)10.My mother ________ in the kitchen when the rainstorm came.

A.was cooking B.is cooking C.cooks

43.(2020江苏南京)3.Sorry, you can’t take the dictionary away, Vicky. I ________ it.

A.used B.am using C.have used D.was using

44.(2020江苏姑苏)2.— Wow, you’ve made so much progress in drawing.

— Thanks. I ________ two online courses this winter holiday.

A.took B.will take C.take D.was taking

45.(2020辽宁丹东)7.Fresh water ______ more important than anything else.

A.is B.are C.was D.were

46.(2020辽宁丹东)8.—Mum, where is dad?

—He ________ the supermarket.

A.was going to B.has gone to C.has been to D.is going to

47.(2020辽宁丹东)11.—Look! The children ________.

—How happy they are!

A.was dancing B.danced C.are dancing D.dances

48.(2020辽宁丹东)17.John________ us when he is free.

A.joins B.join C.will join D.joined

49.(2020辽宁营口)5.—Be quick, Sara! The taxi is waiting for us outside.

—A moment, please. I _______ some visitors our products.

A.showed B.am showing C.was showing D.show

50.(2020辽宁营口)16.Not only Jim but also Lucy _______ a few cities since they came to China.

A.will visit B.visited C.have visited D.has visited

51.(2020河北)3.It dark. Shall I turn on the light?

A.gets B.got C.is getting D.was getting

52.(2020河北)9.I’m so glad that I nearly half of the test now.

A.finish B.finished C.will finish D.have finished

53.(2020山东菏泽)5.—Have you ever________to Caozhou Peony Garden?

—Yes,I________ there last year.

A.been;went B.gone;went C.been; gone

54.(2020四川乐山)5.—Hello, John. This is Mike. What are you doing now?

—I'm watching a film on TV. It ________ at 7:30 and will be on for another hour.

A.starts B.started C.has started.

55.(2020四川达州)12.— Jenny, do you know if your mother _______ back tomorrow?

— Sorry, I don’t know. As soon as she _______ home, I will tell her to call you.

A.comes; gets B.will come; gets to C.will come; will get D.will come; gets

56.(2020四川遂宁)6.— The new shirt looks good on you. When did you buy it?

—On July 7th. I________ it for a week.

A.have bought B.have had C.bought D.buy

57.(2020四川遂宁)9.— I wonder if Sally________ us prepare for the party.

—I’m sure she will if she________time.

A.helps, will have B.will help, has C.will help, will have D.helps, has

58.(2020江西)2.—The coffee’s finished!

—Oh, sorry! I ________to the shop to get some.

A.am going B.was going C.went D.have gone

59.(2020江西)7.I don’t know the words to a lot of songs, but I do know some folk songs that my grandma ________ me at an early age.

A.teaches B.taught C.will teach D.has taught

60.(2020海南)12.Eric often _________his aunt before he moved to the city.

A.has visited B.visits C.visited

61.(2020吉林)12.Tom_______ when I called him yesterday.

A.read B.is reading C.was reading

62.(2020湖北黄冈)6.—I to Hainan on vacation with my parents this coming summer holiday.

—That's great!

A.go B.went C.will go D.have gone

63.(2020湖北咸宁)9.—Project Hope celebrated its 30 birthday in 2019.

—Yeah. It ________ children from poor families the chance to go to school since 1989.

A.offered B.has offered C.is offered D.is offering

64.(2020湖北孝感)7.So far, the number of people using 5G mobile phones _______ a lot.

A.is increasing B.are increasing C.has increased D.have increased

65.(2020湖北宜昌)11.—How about the third season of documentary Aerial China(航拍我国)?

—Great. I_______ it twice.

A.watched B.watch C.will watch D.have watched

66.(2020甘肃天水)43.Not only Jim but also his sister ______ a few cities in the south since they came to China.

A.have visited B.has visited C.visited D.visits

67.(2020甘肃天水)48.—The Whites have ______ Hong Kong.

—Oh, really? I have never ________ there before.

A.been to, gone B.gone to, been C.been to, gone to D.gone to, been to

68.(2020江苏镇江)6.—Hi, Daniel. You didn't attend the chess class last night.

—Oh, I________ my son's model plane.

A.am repairing B.repair C.have repaired D.was repairing

69.(2020江苏镇江)13.—Mum, I want to watch the news about our school. Change the channel, please!

—What a pity! It is eight o'clock now. It________ for a while.

A.has been over B.was over C.has finished D.finished

70.(2020江苏盐城)7.—My mother said you went on a Silk Road trip last year.

—Yes, it a wonderful trip.

A.is B.was C.will be D.were

71.(2020上海)36.Every year thousands of tourists________the mountain area to relax themselves.

A.visited B.were visiting

C.visit D.have visited

72.(2020上海)37.Mike________the furniture into his new flat this time yesterday.

A.would move B.was moving C.has moved D.had moved

73.(2020福建)5.Han Mei, a good friend of mine, ________ me a lot with my English in the past three years.

A.helps B.helped C.has helped

74.(2020福建)12.— Your hometown is famous for tea, right?

— Yes. Now tea plants ________ on most mountains here.

A.will grow B.are grown C.were grown

75.(2020甘肃武威)6.I can't hear you. I ________ to an English speech.

A.am listening B.was listening C.listen D.listened

76.(2020甘肃武威)9.I ________ the guitar ever since I was 8 years old.

A.played B.have played C.am playing D.will play

77.(2020甘肃武威)13.I want a mobile phone which ________ good pictures.

A.took B.is taking C.takes D.take

78.(2020广西贵港)11.—Have you written your book report, Bill?

—No, not yet. I________ it in two days.

A.have finished B.will finish C.finished D.finish

79.(2020内蒙古包头)10.Corn production ______ nearly 125 percent over the past 25 years in China.

A.jumped B.jumps C.will jump D.has jumped

80.(2020云南昆明)4.Since 1989, Project Hope________millions of young people from poor families achieve their dreams of going to school.

A.will help B.helps C.has helped D.is helping

81.(2020湖北襄阳)13.— Has Jack solved the difficult math problem?

— Not yet. But I believe he ________ in a few minutes.

A.has worked it out B.will work it out C.was working it out D.works it out

82.(2020湖北恩施)6.I hear that it often ________ in Sichuan and there are usually floods, especially in summer.

A.rains B.rained C.will rain

83.(2020湖北恩施)11.I like novels written by J. K. Rowling. So far I ________all her works about Harry Potter.

A.have read B.read C.am reading

84.(2020湖北天门等)2.Dad ________ TV when it began to rain yesterday.

A.watches B.watched C.is watching D.was watching

85.(2020湖北黄石)8.I ________our English teacher in the supermarket yesterday.

A.meet B.met C.have met D.has met

86.(2020湖北十堰)8.—Is Li Mei a teacher?

—Yes, she is. She ______ at a village school.

A.teaches B.is teaching C.taught D.will teach

87.(2020湖北十堰)9.—I called you yesterday afternoon, but you didn't pick up.

—Sorry. I ______ an online class at that time.

A.take B.took C.is taking D.was taking

88.(2020江苏泰州)9.Some primary and secondary schools ________ winter sports to their courses since Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

A.added B.will add C.have added D.were adding

89.(2020江苏扬州)6.Yesterday Mom________ me some money to buy a dictionary.

A.gives B.gave C.has given D.was giving

90.(2020江苏徐州)6.— Alice has gone out.

— Oh, has she? What time ________she________?

A.has; gone B.is; going C.will; go D.did; go

91.(2020江苏淮安)11.Last year Huai'an Flyover(高架) _______. Now it brings much convenience to people.

A.finished B.finishes C.is finishing D.was finished

92.(2020江苏南通)13.Mr Jiang _______ the company to develop the 5G network for years. Now he works as the chief engineer in it.

A.joined B.was a member of

C.has joined D.has been a member of

93.(2020四川成都)1.Bob, you ________in this city since 2018. How do you like it?

A.lived B.live C.have lived

94.(2020四川攀枝花)12.—Where is your uncle? I haven't seen him for a long time.

—Oh, he________ Sydney.

A.went to B.has been to C.has gone to D.goes to

95.(2020贵州黔南州)6.While Xiao Ming _______ his homework, his mother came with a cup of tea.

A.has doing B.had done C.is doing D.was doing

96.(2020贵州黔南州)11.—I have seen the film We Are All Fighters against the COVID-19. What about you, Peter?

—Oh. I __________ it last week.

A.have seen B.see C.saw D.will see

97.(2020黑龙江龙东区域)9.—Excuse me, sir? No one is allowed ________.

—Sorry, I ________ know that.

A.swimming; didn’t B.to swim; didn’t C.to swim; don’t

98.(2020黑龙江龙东区域)16.My parents ________for 30 years.

A.have married B.have got married C.have been married

99.(2020黑龙江龙东区域)17.—I wonder if we ________a farewell party next week.

—If we ________it, I will call you.

A.will have ; have B.have;will have C.will have; will have

100.(2020山东日照)8.—Let's go for a walk.

—But I ________ my work yet.

A.don't finish B.won't finish C.didn't finish D.haven't finished

101.(2020山东临沂)17. Thanks for letting us borrow your camera. We__________it to you next Monday.

A. return B. will return C. have returned

102.(2020辽宁沈阳)5.—Have you ever visited Shenyang EXPO Garden?

—Yes. I ________ it last year.

A.have visited B.visit C.visited D.will visit

103.(2020辽宁铁岭葫芦岛)9.—Jim, what did I say just now?

—Sorry, I don't know. I ________ the math problem.

A.think about B.thought about C.was thinking about D.has thought about

104.(2020湖南郴州)8.— I really want to go to college for further study.

— Believe in yourself. If you ________ hard, your dream will come true.

A.will study B.studied C.study

105.(2020湖南长沙)2.— What happened to Mrs. Smart?

—She cut herself while she ________ lunch.

A.prepares B.is preparing C.was preparing

106.(2020湖南长沙)7.The film My People, My Country, which amazed lots of movie-goers, ________ to the top of the Chinese box office last Monday.

A.jump B.jumped C.jumps

107.(2020湖南邵阳)7.—Our city, Shaoyang, is getting cleaner and cleaner day by day.

—Yeah. We __________a national modern, cvilied hygiene(文明清洁)city.

A.create B.are creating C.created

108.(2020江苏常州)5.—Jim, turn down the music. Our baby is sleeping.

—Don’t worry. He__________ for half an hour.

A.woke up B.has woken up C.was awake D.has been awake

109.(2020广西梧州)10.It's ten yeas since I ________ to study English.

A.begin B.began C.has begun D.have begun

110.(2020广西梧州)12.—Tom, what's your dad doing?

—He ________ my bike.

A.repair B.repairs

C.is repairing D.will repair

111.(2020辽宁大连)18.I ____my CD here and there, but I still can’t find it.

A.have looked for B.look for C.will look for D.was looking for

112.(2020江苏宿迁)11.—Do you know Sunshine Town very well, Mr Chen?

—Sure. I____here since I was born.

A.has lived B.lived C.have lived D.lives

113.(2020广西柳州)7.Mr. Smith _____________a novel last year but I don't know whether he has finished it.

A.wrote B.was writing C.has written

114.(2020贵州毕节)6.The Great Wall is a place of interest. All of us ________ there before.

A.has been B.have been C.has gone D.have gone

115.(2020贵州毕节)9.Don't get off the bus until it ________.

A.will stop B.stop C.stopped D.stops

116.(2020辽宁阜新)9.My Chinese t

eacher always ________ us to read more books.

A.tell B.tells C.will tell D.told

117.(2020山东莱芜)11.When I walked past the park, I saw some old people _________ Chinese Taiji.

A.do B.doing C.did D.are doing

118.(2020山东莱芜)13.— I didn’t see you at the meeting yesterday. Why?

— I _____ for an important telephone call at that moment.

A.wait B.waited C.am waiting D.was waiting

119.(2020四川内江)3.—Dad, where’s mom?

—She _______ in the kitchen now.

A.works B.worked C.is working D.was working

120.(2020内蒙古呼和浩特)12.If Tom _______ the film The Wandering Earth, he’ll never forget the scene in which many people make the hard journey back to their hometown.

A.saw B.see C.will see D.sees

121.(2020内蒙古呼和浩特)14.— I called you last night but no one answered the phone.

— I with my parents __________ a TV programme about celebrating the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to China.

A.was watching B.watched

C.have watched D.were watching

122.(2020天津)11.—The book is popular. ________ you ________ it yet?

—Yes, I have.

A.Are; reading B.Were; reading C.Have; read D.Will; read

123.(2020广西桂林)6.He _______this city when he was eighteen.

A.leaves B.doesn’t leave C.left

124.(2020广西玉林)5.—There are plenty of difficulties and problems in some families of the countryside.

—Don't worry. I believe things________ soon.

A.will work out B.have worked out C.work out D.worked out

125.(2020吉林长春)18.I ________ five books since I joined the book club.

A.am reading B.will read C.was reading D.have read

126.(2020西藏)24.We will achieve our Chinese Dream earlier if all of us ________.

A.pull together B.pulls together

C.pulled together D.will pull together

127.(2020四川巴中)9.If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we ______ a picnic.

A.will have B.had C.have had D.was having


1.(2020湖南常德)10.(1分)﹣What's he doing?

﹣He (use) the computer.

2.(2020湖南永州)44.My family ________ (go) to Yongzhou botanical garden(植物园) last weekend.

3.(2020黑龙江绥化)48.This novel is very interesting. My brother __________(read)it three times.

4.(2020湖北鄂州)49.I was watching TV while my parents _______ (chat) on the Wechat.

5.(2020江苏姑苏)42.Shake the bottle well so that the milk ________ (混合) with the tea.

6.(2020湖北荆门)55.Although his parents didn't want him to work abroad, Li Yang _________(stick)to his own decision.

7.(2020甘肃天水)23.He f________ the exam because he was so careless with his spelling.

8.(2020江苏镇江)45.At yesterday's meeting, I______(控制) the speed of speaking and made myself heard clearly.

9.(2020江苏盐城)65.Scientists say that music makes our brain “feel happy" and it _______the importance of music in cultures all over the world.(说明)

10.(2020上海)59.If you_____red and yellow,what colour will you get?(mixture)

11.(2020广西北部湾)47.I haven't seen my grandpa for a long time. I __________(牵挂)him so much.

12.(2020内蒙古包头)47.He's a quiet artist and doesn't like to talk much, but his work ______. (shout)

13.(2020江苏泰州)63.A stranger________ (主动提出) to give her a ride on the street, but she refused politely.

14.(2020江苏无锡)46.Don’t worry. Hobo is a smart dog and I’m sure he __________ (come) back soon.

15.(2020江苏无锡)48.Millions of young people _______ (fight) in World War Ⅱ so we could live in peace.

16.(2020贵州安顺)60.Beijing Opera, an important part of Chinese culture, ________(have) a history of over 200 years.

17.(2020黑龙江龙东区域)37.Li Ziqi, together with her grandma, ________ (live) a happy and peaceful life.

18.(2020黑龙江龙东区域)43.1 tried to talk with them, but they ________ (agree) with me.

19.(2020山东日照)53.There is a train in now. If you run, you'll just ________ (赶上) it.

20.(2020山东威海)32.He __________/r??`gretrd/ having missed that good chance.

21.(2020山东威海)34.He _________/`m??n??d????z/ the business for his father.

22.(2020江苏常州)51.—How is your program getting along?

—Jack Ma____________(agree)to help us, but he has changed his mind.